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Blowing effect: (Un) Desired disturbance in direct current welding

Welding with luminous flux is usually done with direct current. It favors the build-up of a uniform arc and in most cases leads to the desired results. However, welding with direct current (mostly) has an unpleasant side effect. Definition of blowing effect Turbulence can occur at the tip of the …

Safe, simple, efficient: stud welding technology

Stud welding technology is an efficient method of setting welding studs on all kinds of metallic, weldable surfaces. The stud welding devices are so safe and easy to use that semi-skilled workers can quickly achieve good results. Definition of stud welding Stud welding technology describes the …

Four established stud welding methods

For stud welding with an arc, four methods have established themselves as the most common welding methods. The right procedure and correct parameters are important for all common stud sizes and materials. Non-ferrous metals or special shapes can be processed with this welding process with …

A new Lightweight


With our robust Inverter 1305i every welding job becomes super easy. The long-lasting welding machine is suitable for weldable stud ranges between 3-16 mm and allows a maximum current load of 1300 A. The welding machine can be used in a wide range of applications. The time setting range of this lightweight machine is a maximum of 1000 ms and, in addition to safe operation, also offers flexible the accurate adjustment of the welding energy.