Hello, my name is BRUNO👋

I'm the first automatic stud welding robot from KÖCO

The demands that KÖCO placed on me as their first automated solution for stud welding, were extremely high: easy to handle, variable-programmable and -controllable, flexible to use with various studs, compatible with all KÖCO stud welding machines and, of course, consistently producing top quality for all welds.

I’m capable of doing all that - and more! 👍

I'm glad you want to know more about me!

These are my main technical specifications:

  • Welding speed: Up to 8 studs per minute
  • Minimum distance: 70 millimeters between welds
  • Stud diameter: Minimum 8, maximum 13 millimeters
  • Stud length: Minimum 50, maximum 150 millimeters
  • Weight: 33,5 kg including cable
  • Joint rotation: 360°
  • Number of joints: 6 rotating joints
Stud welding automation by KÖCO

I'm ready for industry 4.0!

As an automated solution, I’m aiming to fulfil the demands which the progressive interlocking of industrial production with corresponding information and communication technology brings with it. This required me to provide a user-friendly tool for easy communication between my user and me. The solution: A tablet with an intuitive interface that makes my operability effortless. Therefore, one of my main advantages is the relieve I bring skilled workers, as no extra qualification is necessary for my operation.

Of course, being flexible is also essential requirement for me as a robot. On both, the technical as well as the software level, I’m able to store, retrieve and perform diverse sequences of tasks - long term and without ever compromising quality. As long as my attached welding machine is calibrated on a regular basis, I’m neither prone to malfunctions nor do I require much maintenance.

Why is my name BRUNO?

There are two reasons for this. One of them is simple: I am the first (UNO) stud welding robot (BR, short for the German word Bolzenschweißroboter) from KÖCO. But the second reason is much more exciting: The man who founded KÖCO 70 years ago and thus laid the foundation for the company's successful path was Bruno Köster. Now I'm laying the foundation for the development towards Industry 4.0 - fitting, isn't it?

Get to know me at the EuroBLECH!

From October 25th to 28th, I will be the highlight at the KÖCO booth during the EuroBLECH in Hanover! Where innovative technologies and specific solutions for sheet metal processing companies are in focus, I’ll fit in perfectly.

You’ll find me at booth 26-H82, where I’ll be taking centre stage. Be on the lookout for my personal logo, which is unmissable. Here are a few more visual arguments why visiting me is worthwhile!

Finally a few snapshots 📸 from me

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