KÖCO makes stud welding a service experience!

We know the problems of stud welding and the challenges our customers face every day on the construction site. And we know how important good service and solutions are in these moments.

That's why we are now stronger than ever and fully committed to being a strong and reliable partner to help you with all your problems and ensure the successful implementation of your next project.

Fast availability, direct and competent customer service, reliable products and comprehensive technical advice and support - you can always rely on KÖCO!

The reorientation of our company, which places our customers and trusting cooperation even more strongly at the center of our daily work, is not only reflected in our guiding principle "More than just stud welding.", but also manifests itself in our daily efforts to get the best out of our products and services for you as your reliable service partner in the field of stud welding.

The repositioning of the KÖCO brand is also reflected in our further developed and modernized logo and on our new website. There you will discover not only our product portfolio, but also our extensive services as well as our industry expertise, so that as your strong partner we always know exactly what service you need.

We make stud welding an all-round service experience. In our service portal, we not only offer you a quick direct link to our service department, but also technological insights, instructions, and direct insights into our processes. So, you always know exactly what to expect.

Change in company management

After 13 years of successful company management, we are saying goodbye to our Managing Director Dr. Harald Schulz, who is going into well-deserved retirement.

His successors are Dr. Torben Schmitz and Thomas Fink, who have taken over the management of KÖCO and, with their expertise and impressive professional careers, are excellently positioned to lead the company into a successful future.


Speaking of service ...

Take the chance and experience the KÖCO service live at the Schweissen und Schneiden from 11-15.09.2023 in Essen. We are looking forward to your visit!

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